Energy Shift

Asset Management
United Kingdom
Employees 4
Funding $5K

Energy Shift

Founding Year:
Tokenized Investing
One Liner
A startup allowing smart crowd-funded investments in Solar farms, empowering the shift towards renewable energy.

Energy Shift is a web based, blockchain powered platform that enables citizens to jointly invest and co-own solar farms, thus democratising the energy sector and enabling citizens to actively participate in the energy transition to Renewable Energy. This EIT Digital venture program supported startup has gathered more than 1000 EU Citizens who made a soft commitment of investing upwards of 3 million EUR in solar energy projects, sparking an interest for investing in this fast-growing industry (20.5% CAGR). 


• EUSEW 2021 winner

• Soft commitment of 1000+ EU citizens with EUR3M

• Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label