About the Startup

About our Startup:

Viventor is an alternative investment marketplace. Our goal is to facilitate a safe and secure environment in which investors and non-banking lenders can connect with each other.

Problem and Opportunity:

Compared to traditional asset classes, Viventor can bring investors double the returns. Our average annual return rate from investments is 13,6%.Nowadays it is difficult to get financial business funding for non-banking lenders. For these businesses, Viventor serves as an alternative funding source.For alternative investments we are living in a golden age. Loan supply available for investing – is on the rise, with a volume of €3 trillion EUR.

What makes us unique:

Our strengths are unique algorithms which take into account investing into separate parts of loans and include credit score rating system.

We understand that time is money and investors want to start investing as soon as possible. That’s why we integrated a face recognition system which allows us to onboard investors from Europe in approximately 5 minutes.

Go-to-market plan:

Currently we have 7.000 active investors. 60% of active investors are from Germany, Austria, Benelux, Iberian Peninsula. We are working with 17 non-banking lenders which are operating in Spain, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria & etc.

We are trying to concentrate in attracting more non-banking lenders from Western Europe as a safer choice for our investors.


EU retail investment market is on the rise with € 7 trillion. Global alternative lending market volume is € 3 trillion.

We believe Viventor is in a great position to meet increasing demand for alternative investments from retail investors and to capitalize on the rise of non-bank lending.

Management Team:

Our team has been together for about a year now and working diligently on the growth and development of Viventor. The key to our teamwork is connecting the right people with each other and catering to each other's strengths. In a way the same happens on the market platform of Viventor. We connect businesses and people with each other.

In 2020 ViVentor has been acquired by Gielen Group, a Dutch FinTech investor.  Our current team has more than 30 years of collective experience in the financial markets and over 8 years of experience in the online lending industry. CEO has MSc in Finance and near 8 years of experience in the finance industry.


We will be raising through crowdfunding platform in 2021, Q1.

Startup Details:

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