About the Startup

About our Startup:

RealRate is a rating agency using Explainable Artificial Intelligence to create fair, unbiased, and ethical company ratings. Our rating seal helps building customer trust.Removing the need for complex annual business reports, RealRate delivers easy to understand ratings that can be grasped in minutes.

Showing financial health using ethical methods.

Revolutionizing the rating market.

Problem and Opportunity:

Company ratings are slow and expensive. Even worse: they are biased. Rating agencies are paid to provide good rating results. This is a huge conflict of interest, fostering economic crises. We will change it.

We developed an award-winning AI software. It is a neural network. And we built in explainability. Making financial health explainable, we show the strengths and weaknesses. Based on published annual reports the AI is totally fair. No conflict of interest. Simplifying the rating market. Designed by a PhD, serial founder and top Insurtech CEO.

So, after just two minutes, you can interpret the companies' financial strength - instead of reading 200 pages of the business report.

We are selling rating seals to the best companies. To build consumer trust and strengthen their brand.

What makes us unique:

We make Artificial Intelligence explainable. There is no black box with RealRate. We have no human analysts. Our software is fair and transparent by design.Achievements:

• Most promising German AI startup

• Award winning AI software

• Growing team & Silicon Valley

We worked with billion-dollar companies in beta and received raved reviews.

Accelerated by Startupbootcamp and GSD Venture Lab.

Go-to-market plan:

Our competitors are the Big Three: S&P, Moody‘s and Fitch. But they are heavily biased to deliver good ratings to their paying customers.

We had a very succesful product-market test in Germany. Raved reviews and first revenues. Selling ratings seals to German insurers.

We will now scale up and enter the US market in 2021. Covering dozens of industries and thousands of companies.

We create the ranking list first. Afterwards we address just the best companies directly. They can subscribe to RealRate’s seal of approval.


In the German product market test we immediated sold 4 rating seals, at 8,000 EUR each. And this was just one industry in one country. We will scale that up using our automated rating model.

Management Team:

* Dr. Holger Bartel, COO. Serial fintech founder. Raised 1 million DM. Appointed Actuary.

* Harald Bartel, CTO. Technical Officer at Adspert, onboarded media investors like Bertelsmann and Klingel.

* Brian Gharibaan, CTO, exited Den Hagues largest coworking space and software company


We have a pre-seed 100k Business Angel round in Q1 2021. Covering 9 months runway. Used to enter the US marktet. Reach out if you got excited!

Startup Details:

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