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About the Startup

About our Startup:

Quantimatter provides a Cybersecurity testing “as-a-Service” platform using Robotic Process Automation to assess Cybersecurity maturity and mitigate exploits in days, instead of weeks. We help Small Medium Businesses build digital resilience through vulnerability testing for online infrastructures as well as testing for Quantum Computing readiness.

Problem and Opportunity:

Online businesses are exposed to Cyber threats because hiring Cyber-experts to protect their digital infrastructure is too costly and time-consuming. Automated Cybersecurity testing allows SMBs to focus on their business while providing peace of mind regarding critical Cyber threats.

What makes us unique:

By using Cyber testing automation and offering a subscription model (pay-per-use) we disrupt the Cyber assessment industry while providing SMB companies a robust way to strengthen their online business. Founders have worked together for 12+ years in the Silicon Valley on developing enterprise systems and web applications, and are sought-after experts in the Cybersecurity industry.

Go-to-market plan:

Quantimatter targets Small & Medium Businesses that have Online shops, Web portals or Commercial web services in Europe and the US. We will partner with IT Service providers and sell through other SMB channels to deliver affordable and convenient access to our Cybersecurity testing platform.


In February 2021 Quantimatter will release its Beta platform for approx. 20 pilot participants in Europe and the US. We are building partnerships with IT Service providers, Cyber alliances and marketing channels to build awareness and develop a path to approx. 200 subscriptions by mid 2021.

Management Team:

Massimo Rapparini is Co-Founder, CEO & CISO of Quantimatter. Massimo is a multi-billion dollar businesses CIO, a Cybersecurity Board advisor, a CISSP-certified industry expert, a US Marines Corps Cyber Auxiliary member and a serial startups co-founder in Silicon Valley, California, recently moved to Europe.Ramesh Koyi is Co-Founder & CTO of Quantimatter. Ramesh is a seasoned Tech Executive, a web apps Development leader and a serial startups co-founder in Silicon Valley, California.


Quantimatter is looking for angel investors and VCs to raise an initial $500k seed investment to fund product development and marketing, in order to grow to 200+ subscriptions in 6 months from our Beta launch.

Startup Details:

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