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About the Startup

About our Startup:

Privasee is a B2B SaaS platform that helps companies become and remain GDPR compliant at a fraction of the cost.

Problem & Opportunity:

SMEs operating in Europe have to be GDPR compliant by law. To do so, they are forced to spend over 300 hours and 45,000€ every year. Most of this time and money is spent finding the data they hold, assessing risk and creating policies that never get implemented. Privasee automates the data compliance process, keeping track of the data you hold, monitoring new risks, and ensuring that your team always has an up to date plan to become and remain compliant.

What makes us unique?:

Unlike existing SME solutions, which force users to manually find data, need a compliance expert to use and rely on consultants that check on risks once a year. Privasee is fully automated. It automatically discovers personal data, gives you actionable steps to improve your compliance, and informs you every time a new risk appears.

Go-to-market plan:

Privasee targets trading SMEs in regulated industries such as Healthcare & Finance. We reach customers through direct sales and an automated onboarding process that transforms simple questions into actionable GDPR requirements. Additionally, we will create strategic partnerships with Legal providers, giving our customers additional support through guides and templates. 

In Q2 2021 we will launch Automated Data Discovery allowing companies to find hidden data and mitigate additional risks. Finally, in Q4 2021 and throughout 2022 we will expand our platform to support additional certifications that overlap with GDPR such as ISO27001, allowing companies to centralise their compliance efforts on a single automated platform.


Revenue generating since November, X3 number of users since joining the program. So far we have helped our clients map 400+ different types of data, from over 25,000 people, in 50+ storage providers. 

Management Team:

Alex Franch is Co-Founder & CEO of Privasee. Alex is a computer scientist with published research in privacy-enhancing technologies, and a recipient of the King’s Education Award for his work teaching network security at King’s College London. Manuel is Co-Founder and CTO at Privasee. With a computer science background, he has experience building SaaS platforms and managing Agile teams, with additional exposure to the tech ecosystem through his work at Deloitte. Along them, they have a great team of privacy consultants, developers and analysts at companies such as EY, Deloitte and Goldman Sachs. 


Privasee is looking for angel investors and VCs to raise 350k € seed investment (with SEIS/EIS advance assurance granted for UK investors). This will allow us to take our data discovery to production, reach 100 customers and 30k € MRR by January 2022, and expand to other frameworks beyond GDPR.

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