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About the Startup

About our Startup:

NaaS' white-label technology facilitates the launching of lending products for companies in Latin America and offers an investment opportunity to a global pool of investors.

Problem and Opportunity:

Adequate financing is the biggest obstacle facing entrepreneurs in Latinamerica today, more than 50% of small and medium enterprises pay more than 55% on yearly interest rates on their loans, this is part of a $1,300Bn funding gap in the region. NaaS customers provide lending opportunities by launching online platforms that suit each market segment including micro, small and medium sized enterprises.

What makes us unique:

Our white label technology adapts to the business needs of our customers in a faster and flexible way, the open API connects with products and services and the credit score processes more data points (traditional and non-traditional) than available providers and evolves with more data.

Our goal is to serve different geographies, target customers, financing products and more with our white-label technology.

Business model: We have a Software as a service model, an initial setup fee, a monthly fee and a fee for each loan processed.

Go-to-market plan:

In Q1-2021 we are adding our new micro-loans service to our white-label technology and we are looking to expand to other latinamerican countries by Q4-2021.


2x exclusive white label service (Kredito & Alcalicoop) - over 200M euros in available funding for the next 2 years to serve companies and individuals.

Krédito (a Swedish-Colombian company) on Q4-2020 processed 20M euros in loan requests generating revenue to NaaS.

Management Team:

Our team comprises a perfect combination of skills and experience to take NaaS far beyond our goals. Our co-founders have previously founded and run other companies that have developed a currency exchange system processing €4M/ month with electronic invoicing in Colombia and a remittances blockchain-based app processing €10M/ year based in Singapore.

Our CEO Francisco is a business administrator with a MA from University College London, Aarhus University and Deusto University, Innovator under 35 by the MIT Technology review, Erasmus Mundus Scholar, Global Shaper alumni. Johanna (our COO) is a Systems and Computing Engineer, MA in engineering from University of Los Andes (Colombia) with more than 10 years experience in information security management, compliance, AML / KYC on information systems. Edgar (our CTO) is a Systems and Computing Engineer from National University of Colombia, 15 years experience in building technology for highly available and scalable systems, Edgar and Johanna have been working together since 2005 and the three of us, since 2018.

Besides the 3 founders, we already have 4 software developers & 1 credit analyst. The company is incorporated in the U.S, the team is based in Colombia.


We will be raising our pre-seed round in Q1-2021 since our platform is already generating revenue.

Startup Details:

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