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About the Startup

About our Startup:

Cyan Reef helps people to invest their money with profit and purpose.

We provide a digital asset management platform for savings, investments, and automated portfolio allocation, implemented as digital advisor through mobile and online app. Cyan Reef opens access to professional impact investments with simplicity, enabling users to align their values and investments.

Problem and Opportunity:

People have a clear ambition to make a difference and invest their money with positive purpose. In fact, 83% of investors want to invest with impact, but only 23% actually do. Why? Because investing is difficult and regular people don’t have access, tools, and guidance to do it right.

Over the last 4 years, impact investments quadrupled, beat the market, and created a wealth surplus of 2 trillion dollars (that’s double the whole of Dutch economy). Cyan Reef enables people to participate in a large, profitable, and important market that will define the future of our economies.

What makes us unique:

Our investment philosophy is grounded in impact and sustainability, with full commitment to impact-oriented assets.

The mission of Cyan Reef is to empower investors to make great financial decisions that are aligned with their values, bringing about a true positive change.

Go-to-market plan:

- Q1 2021, initial market launch with investment aggregator for market traction and to reach growth funding series within 12 months.

- organic market acquisition focused on new class of investors; currently we are conducting testing of product-market fit with strong results.


We set in place institutional-grade investment tools for our target audience, with simplicity and ease of use.

We've obtained validation results both on bottom-up expressed demand and top-down transition towards sustainable economies.

Management Team:

We are a team of fintech innovators with several successful exits in the fintech domain. The initiative is led by a serial entrepreneur and widely-recognized finance scholar Dr. Vlado Kysucky (20 years of experience in fintech innovation and private equity in New York, Hong Kong and Amsterdam). The management team captures profiles in asset management, business development, financial operations and investment banking.


We are raising a Seed Round for market entry in Q1 2021, in time to capture a major shift towards sustainable economy and enormous financial inflows dedicated to impact finance.

We wish to partner with investors who believe in the mission of better and more sustainable future.

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